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WomanSpirit offers times to connect with God, nature and quiet in ways often not possible in everyday life. We have many options from which to choose to make your retreat a time you can attend to yourself and your inner spirit.

At this point in history, times to experience quiet can no longer be considered a luxury.  Giving ourselves time to meditate moves us into deeper awareness of our inner life and our outer world.  Our fast pace, rapid advances in technology, and overabundance of information, mark our growth as a society.  They can also consume our energy and disconnect us from our spirit. We need opportunities to connect with our inner self and discover the profound aspects of life which ultimately reenergize our spirits.  WomanSpirit Center offers retreats to fulfill the human need for quiet introspection as well as meaningful connections with others.

Where are we in our world today?

Private Retreat

$60 per day

You can come for some time of your own. Walk our trails, use our library, join prayer with others or just revel in the quiet. 

Directed Retreat

$120 per day

This includes meeting with a spiritual companion. Together you will design your retreat which may include choices of readings, journaling, and other meaningful experiences. The spiritual companion will assist you in ways to reflect on your journey and where it seems to be leading you.

Group Retreats

There are various group gatherings for retreat throughout the year.  Each of these is listed on our event calendar close to the times they occur.

If you or a group with which you are affiliated wish to have a retreat offered by an experienced retreat leader, please call Evelyn at 425-641-1527 or click email  to send a message.

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  1. As we learn to let go of the extraneous chatter that clutters our mind, we discover that our true nature --- our essential self --- is actually the center of awareness, peace and compassion.

Joan Borysenko

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We can customize a retreat to fit your needs!

Call 425-641-1527 or email to schedule.

Group prayer and meditation, Guided meditations, self exploration, creative expression through art, music, writing, reading, journal writing.

You can also schedule Yoga or Reiki sessions.

Additional opportunities for your retreat:

Special Personal or Group Retreat

Let us help you to plan a retreat you prefer.

Your path is made by walking.  Let us help you to create or re-create the path you choose to move you into your future.