Spiritual Direction


About our Spiritual  Director

Evelyn Wemhoff has an extensive background in both spirituality and psychology. She is a leader with broad experience in individual work, group dynamics and large group presentations.

Evelyn is the Program Coordinator at WomanSpirit Center.  She is a spiritual director, mental health counselor, journal consultant, discernment leader, group facilitator and continues to work with many individuals and groups. Evelyn holds a Masters of Education from Marquette University, in educational leadership, a Masters in counseling psychology from Loyola University of Chicago, and graduate work in theology and spirituality from Regis College, Toronto.

Can we help you tend your spirit?

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Our spiritual journey is at the deepest part of ourselves.

Sometimes we may feel lost or confused about where to go or how to get there.

A spiritual companion / director (or guide) at WomanSpirit Center can help you to clarify your questions and look for the path which best fit you.

Set aside a block of time to be free from other pressing tasks. Then, come to WomanSpirit Center so you can attend to yourself and your inner spirit.