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WomanSpirit Center


WomanSpirit Center is

  1. ... a gathering place created to nurture spirituality and transformational development.

  2. ... an inspirational place to deepen connections to the self, others and the world.

We offer stimulating programs in a serene setting, and a community dedicated to nurturing the womanspirit to transform the world.

People come together for education, skill building, healing, reflection, self-expression, prayer and times of quiet.  In the stillness of this space, within the hearts of those who are gathered, the value and strength of the feminine is affirmed, relationships with God and with one another are nourished and supported.

  1. ...where the beauty of nature can help you reconnect with your center and find your peace within.

  1. ...where those who desire to go deeper and sense the need to center themselves are an embodiment of the spiritual longing in our world.

Retreat Away

Nanaimo BC, Canada

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Spiritual Direction by appointment with a professional director.

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WomanSpirit Center nurtures spiritual growth to ignite positive change one person at a time.

While our approach is from a feminine perspective both women and men are welcome to our programs.  Each brings her or his unique qualities which enrich and enliven the learning for others in attendance.

WomanSpirit Center is a peaceful place where you can discover and follow your path.

Evelyn Wemhoff, LMHC and client